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Joe Biden "your full of Sh*t, you want to go outside?"

Joe Biden, Gun Contol, We will take your AR-15s, "Your full of shit" I am sure you heard of this by now but if not or you want a great recap click here!  Read More

Dont sell without an FFL

These people are what give gun shows a bad name. We do need to protect the gun shows. Big Town in Mesquite, Market Hall in Dallas, Will Rogers Coliseum in Fort Worth, and many more are important to the gun society. They put hundreds of dealers in the same room so qualified shoppers can shop them all to find guns that are not so readily available like a lever action made in 1924 or an old Colt 45 revolver. The fact that the shows do not control this is crazy and could cause for laws to shut down gun shows. It is simple. You want a booth to sell items? Do you have more than two guns that are going to be for sale? If the answer is yes then you need an FFL!. We must be smart about the rights we have so we do not get them taken away becuase o...  Read More

Limited to one gun per month!

Read this article on how folks in Virginia can only buy one gun per month!!!!  click here   Read More

Got to vote in November!!!

They are not giving up on the fantasy of coming for the guns! The demorats like Joe Biden aligning with nut case Beto O'Rourke are attacking "assault rifles" AR 15s and they say they will get them. How so you stop it? VOTE VOTE VOTE tell all to VOTE!  They still want your guns! Click for full story  Read More

Women are shooters and gun activist too!!!

When we talk about guns and rights to have guns we often are talking to men. Well these women in this article from AmmoLand Shooting Sports News is fantasic! I see more and more women at the range and in the stoes. Great read Great Read click here  Read More

Dick's Sporting Goods drops Hunting from Sporting Goods?

I guess according to Dick's, hunting is not a sport and will not be sold in its "sporting goods" stores. Wow, no rifles, ammo, hunting clothing or anything that is for hunting! Really!!! Read this article from   Read More

Don't need an AR15

You don't need an AR15! Well, we hear that alot today. So I wanted to really get in to that statement. First thing is to break down the meaning of the sentence. We will start with the word "need". I looked up the definition of the word need in the dictionary.  Merriam-Webster "a situation in which someone or something must do or have something. : something that a person must have : something that is needed in order to live or succeed or be happy. : a strong feeling that you must have or do something."  As you can see here by the definition of the word need, we do need an AR15. I need an AR15 to make me happy when I am target shooting, hog hunting or to feel safe. I need an AR15 becuase everytime I open my gun safe and see it I smile. ...  Read More